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Medieval and Renaissance Clothing For LARP

Live action roleplaying, or LARP, is a popular activity, for which special costuming and clothing are often required.  However, finding quality, well made costumes for LARP can be a difficult task.  If you're thinking about getting involved in a medieval or Renaissance themed game, there are a few tips to help you come up with the perfect costume.

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First, think about the character you want to portray.  Ask yourself a few questions about him or her - what kind of social class are you portraying?  Are there any special items that could be used to signify something about your character?  What time period is most appropriate for your character, and should you base your costume off of any particular group?  Sometimes, you can use the costuming of a historical group as a springboard for a great non-historical costume.

You should also think about the circumstances under which you'll be wearing your LARP costume.  If your LARP is mostly played indoors, in a climate controlled area, your costume can get a lot more involved than if it's a physically active, outdoor game.  Think about whether the atmosphere will be cold or warm, and choose your costume accordingly. 

Most medieval and Renaissance LARPs are held outside, and require a fair amount of exertion.  That means that it's a good idea to find clothing that breathes and moves easily.  Look for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, or wool, since they'll be easier to wear if you're moving around.  Avoid polyesters, nylons, and other artificial fibers.  Leather is preferable to vinyl or plastics, and will look a lot more natural.

You can make or buy LARP costumes, depending on your skill level.  If you do decide to buy, look for a retailer or craftsperson you trust, and make sure that the costumer you're buying will fit well and be durable.  It's important to get a costume that's well made - look for a high quality piece instead of a bargain one.  It'll look better and be more comfortable wear in the long run. 

Don't forget about accessories - things like weapons, hats, and jewelry can really make a LARP costume work.  Think about specific items that will go with your costume and work for your character, and remember that you can start small and add on later.  Check online or locally to find auctions and sellers who can offer the LARP clothing and accessories you need.